2019 Swim Team Meet Job Assignments                       

Volunteer assignments by meet

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                         Swim Team Meet Job Descriptions                       

Jobs at Swim Meets

Note: The Stroke and Turn Judge, Meet Director, and Referee jobs require JSSL training. All other jobs can be executed successfully with "on-the-job-training". An annual clinic is put on by the JSSL for the jobs with an "*". Saratoga Woods has an annual practice meet to help train parent workers in their jobs prior to the first JSSL Dual Meet.
  1. Announcer (Hosted Meets Only): Announces the events and heats of the meet.
  2. Clerk of the Course: Responsible for organizing swimmers in correct lane line assignments prior to their event.
  3. Concessions: Coordinates food and beverages for sale at home meets.
  4. Event Board Worker (Hosted Meet, Only): Works the event board by changing Events and Heats of Strokes as they occur.
  5. False Start Judge:  Judges false starts during relay races only. The proper way to judge this start is to watch the feet of the swimmer leave the block and then look to see if the touch has been made by the swimmer in the water.
  6. Head Table Worker: Oversees all operational activities at the table.
  7. Head Timer (Hosted Meet Only): Instruct timers from both meet as to how to perform their job.  Runs two stop watches at each heat to provide a back up stop watch to Timers who may have a problem getting their watch to work properly in a particular heat.
  8. Meet Director*: Insure smooth operation of the swim meet according to the JSSL Bylaws.
  9. Meet Referee*: Resolve problems and controversies regarding disqualification issues raised during the swim meet.
  10. Recorder: Records each swimmer's time, name. event etc. in a particular lane.
  11. Runner: Takes recorders time slip and any DQ slips to the table workers table.
  12. Starter (Hosted Meets Only)*: Starts the meet and runs the events with the Colorado Timing System.
  13. Stroke and Turn Judge*: Looks for correct swimming of strokes - issues DQ (disqualification) slips as appropriate.
  14. Table Worker*: There are four stations at the table: Averager, Sorter, Sheet Writer and Ribbon Writer
  15. Timer: Times swimmers in one lane with 2 other timers.  You will be instructed prior to the meet.
  16. Volunteer Coordinator: Coordinates volunteer jobs and checks in all volunteers at the beginning of each meet.
Volunteer Jobs for the Running of the Swim Team

In addition, there is a list of volunteer jobs that allow parents to help with the administration of the Swim Team. These are task-oriented jobs, and again are essential for the successful running of the swim season. They also provide a lot of fun for the swimmers and their families. See the list below.

  1. Activities Coordinators: We have coordinators for our non-meet activities, including the campout, awards dinner & movie night, practice meet pizza feed,  and Beat Brookside potluck.
  2. Garage Sale: On occasion, we hold a Garage Sale as a fundraisers for the swim team. This job requires at least three volunteers with at least one person designated as the coordinator.
  4. JSSL League Representative: Attends all JSSL meetings. Fulfills all Saratoga Woods Swim Team responsibilities for the League. Responsible for communication of JSSL information to the Swim Team Directors and/or Coaches as is appropriate.
  5. Team Pictures Coordinator: Call the photographer to come and take pictures as per the published Swim Team Schedule. Help photographer and distribute pictures. Pictures need to be distributed prior to the first swim meet so parents can wear the picture buttons to the meets.
  6. Statistics: Calculation of all swimmers' places, personal bests, and times.  Weekly posting of the Saratoga Woods Swim Team Swimmers' times, places and personal bests, at the pool. Keeps Record Board up to date on team records. High point calculations for end of the year trophies. Keep the recorders' slips for verifications. Provide the Coaches and Swim Team Directors with the weekly score sheets. Annual summary, including relay statistics. Prepare individual swimmer certificates with total swim season times to be awarded to the swimmers after the Awards Dinner.
  7. Swimmer of the Week Program Coordinator: Purchase small prizes to be handed out for Swimmers of the Week. 
  8. Swim Suit Coordinator: Order, pick up and distribute swimsuits to the swimmers before Swim Team Picture Day.
  9. Swim Team Buddies: Pairs up swimmers to encourage team spirit and friendship. Coordinator(s) responsible for setting up the buddies and organizing the Dolphin Olympics (which includes all swimmers, not just buddies).
  10. Swim Meet Director: Ensures the swim meets are run properly, the order of events are followed, scoring is done correctly and all volunteer positions are filled.
  11. Apparel Coordinator: Order, pick-up and distribute  apparel (not swimsuits) to the team and their families.
  12. Trophies & medallions: Select, order and pick up trophies to be presented by coaches at the end of the Swim Team Awards dinner. Work with statistics person to determine recipient of high point, runner up and participation trophies.


The Swim Team Director is the first vice-president of the Saratoga Woods Community Association Board of Directors, in charge of Swim Team Operations. The Swim Team Director publishes a monthly article in the Saratoga Woods Newsletter and a weekly newsletter called the Dolphin News.  The Dolphin News informs Swim Team Families of upcoming meet volunteer positions and swim team activities.

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