SWCA Grounds

We are a member-owned club, and for that reason almost all our facilities are maintained by volunteer efforts from our members. The club has two annual clean-ups of our grounds for which we NEED to have your help. We ask that you and your family come down for approximately 2 hours to help prune, trim, plant, and clean up the grounds. We will provide some type of simple refreshments for all of you in return for your hard work. The exact date and times of our annual clean-ups will be posted in the monthly club newsletter. What a wonderful way to show our children our community spirit. We hope you can join us!

Spring Clean-up (generally held sometime in March or April, before pool opens)

Fall Clean-up (generally held sometime in October after pool closes)

If you love to garden and would love to help out from time to time just send our Grounds Director an email at grounds@saratogawoods.net. We never turn down good help!

12341 Saratoga Creek Drive, Saratoga, CA 95070

Main phone: (408) 213-7472

Clubhouse: (408) 973-8195

Email: swcabod@gmail.com

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